5 Best Ways To Consume CBD & Delta 8

CBD & delta 8 are cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. People have been using CBD all around the world for different purposes. Delta 8 on the other hand is a newly discovered cannabinoid that has grown extremely popular over the last couple years. Some are using it as pain relief, while others use it to prevent seizures in epilepsy patients. With that being said, here are five ways to consume CBD and delta-8 products whether it's for recreational or medical purposes..


How should I use CBD & Delta 8?


Smoking CBD & Delta-8


    Smoking works, but it's not the best because it has adverse effects on your body and can cause lung cancer and other health related conditions. Plus, you lose a lot of CBD when you smoke through combustion. However, this is still better than nothing if you have nothing else available. And smoking has dated back to the early pre modern centuries.


    CBD & Delta 8 Edibles


      Eating edibles is better than smoking, but still not the best because it takes an hour or more to feel the effects. Depending on what edible you choose it also impacts the experience. For example, do you enjoy consuming cannabis as a chocolate, candy, or with your favorite meal? Also, CBD can be lost through digestion which isn't ideal. Since there are so many ways to eat an edible, finding your preferred option is important. You also want to consider taking the correct dosage. 


      Taking CBD & Delta 8 Capsules


        Taking a CBD or delta 8 capsule works great and the effects can last longer. Pills are the best way for consistent dosing as well, but it takes time for your body to digest the pill so the effects are not as quick as smoking. And if you don’t enjoy taking pills, you might not enjoy this option, compared to smoking or eating an edible. So, if you are not a big fan of pills, don’t worry you still have a couple other ways to consume your favorite cannabis products.


        Vaping CBD & Delta 8


          Vaping is next on the list because it offers a much smoother experience for those who aren't used to smoking. Some people consider vaping to be one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD or Delta 8 because it's usually 10x more bioavailable than eating or taking a pill. Also, it works quickly. However, you lose some of the product when you vape due to the atomizers and heating coils.


          CBD & Delta 8 Skin Products


            Applying hemp lotions, and creams to your skin is another way to consume cannabis products. Since hemp has many benefits for the skin, including reducing redness and swelling, eliminating acne, calming psoriasis, eczema, and other dry skin conditions. Researchers are also studying the impact of CBD on sebaceous glands, which produce an oily secretion that moisturizes and protects the skin.


            Best Ways To Consume CBD & Delta 8


            Before you go out and buy a bunch of CBD & delta 8, it's important to know how to use these products. While there are many ways to consume CBD & Delta 8, the most popular methods tend to be smoking or vaping CBD & Delta 8. However, these both have their drawbacks that should be weighed against the differences in benefits that can be expected from vaping or smoking CBD & Delta 8. Choosing between smoking, eating, vaping, pills, or CBD creams is entirely up to you. As always, no matter how you ingest your CBD or Delta 8, be safe and have fun! Peace.