Grams & Gummies: A Beginner’s Guide To Dosing CBD Edibles


It’s easy to see the attraction of CBD gummy bears. Not only are these edibles cute, they’re a delicious way to work CBD into your busy schedule. Whether you’re running errands or on a lunch break, it only takes a few seconds to sneak a sweet CBD treat into your routine. 

However, there are a few special considerations associated with CBD gummies. For instance, how do you know when you’ve taken enough of these edibles? Unlike standard gummies, there could be unintended consequences from taking too much CBD. So, how could users tell when they’ve eaten enough of these edibles?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to dosing CBD gummies (or any other hemp product, for that matter!). However, there are a few tips customers could keep in mind as they begin experimenting with CBD edibles. 

How Many CBD Edibles Should A Healthy Adult Take?

The best advice you could follow when dosing CBD edibles is to start low. Scan your product’s label for a recommended dose and begin at this level. After a few days at this dose, you could increase by about one or two gummies until you notice your desired effects. 

Most CBD gummies have between 5 mg to 25 mg of CBD per piece. Please never assume all CBD gummy brands put the same amount of this cannabinoid in their products. You should adjust your CBD dosage based on the average CBD milligram count rather than the number of gummies you take per day. 

Also, you should consider what spectrum your CBD edibles are. Some customers claim full-spectrum CBD is more potent than purified CBD isolate. Allegedly, since full-spectrum products contain many secondary cannabinoids, they may help bolster CBD’s effectiveness. While nobody has proven this “entourage effect” theory, it may alter your CBD gummy experience.

However, the key factors that influence CBD absorption are related to your physiology. For instance, heavier people may need more CBD gummies to have a noticeable impact. Your metabolism and endocannabinoid system will also play a role in total CBD absorption. 

The best way to figure out your ideal CBD dose is to keep good notes of your daily experience. Write down how many milligrams of CBD you took per day and any noticeable effects. After about one month, you should have a solid understanding of how much CBD is right for you. 

Could You Take Too Many CBD Edibles?

To date, there haven’t been any reports of a CBD-induced overdose. According to most health officials, people would need to take upwards of 20,000 mg of CBD at one time for it to have a toxic effect. Even at these insane levels, there’s no data suggesting it would cause death. 

However, that doesn’t mean people should gobble a whole bottle of CBD gummies and expect everything to be OK. In fact, you have to be extra cautious about dosing CBD edibles as they won’t take effect for a few hours. If you eat too many CBD edibles early in the day, chances are you’ll pay for it later on. 

Generally speaking, healthy adults don’t need more than 1,000 mg of CBD to feel an impact. However, there’s no “max cap” on how many CBD edibles to take per day. For the best results, you should refer to your dosage journal for guidance.

Do CBD Edibles Have Any Side Effects?

CBD is often branded as the “safer alternative” to THC, but that doesn’t mean it can’t cause side effects. Sure, CBD won’t get you “high,” but it can cause troubling symptoms if you take too much of it. 

Typically, people who have a bad reaction to CBD edibles experience headaches, nausea, or diarrhea. There are also some cases where people report allergic reactions like skin rashes. 

Sometimes these side effects aren’t directly related to the CBD in your edibles. If you’re using products without third-party lab results, then there could be nasty secondary ingredients in your gummies. To ensure you’re getting the purest CBD gummies, you must work with reliable companies that can back up their quality claims. 

When Do People Start To Feel CBD Edibles? 

Even if you have a fast metabolism, CBD edibles don’t work instantly. Generally, it takes about 30 minutes for users to notice the effects of a CBD gummy. Since these treats must go through your liver, you have to give them some time to work their magic. 

Also, when you start to feel a CBD gummy’s effects, it won’t be the “potent blast” of calm people associate with smokable hemp or tinctures. Instead, CBD gummies have a subtler impact on a person’s ECS. Once the CBD from an edible enters your bloodstream, you may notice a subdued sense of calm that lingers throughout the day. 

Can I Use The Same CBD Dose For Tinctures And Edibles? 

Because each CBD item has a different absorption rate, you can’t swap the exact CBD dosage for every product type. For instance, CBD edibles take longer to enter the bloodstream than sublingual CBD tinctures. Therefore, you’ll usually need more CBD edibles to have a pronounced effect versus other products.

Again, we recommend keeping a CBD diary to discover the ideal milligram counts for different products. Whenever you try a new CBD vape cart, tincture, or edible, be sure to log it in your dosage journal and track the results. 

How Do I Dose CBD In DIY Edibles? 

People who enjoy baking CBD edibles often complain about dosing their goodies. If you’re using CBD hemp flowers or full-spectrum tinctures, it can be challenging to know precisely how much CBD is in each of your edibles.

However, there is a simple trick to reliably dosing your DIY edibles: use CBD isolate powder. Unlike other hemp extracts, CBD isolate contains ~ 99 percent CBD. Since this powder is virtually all CBD, there’s a 1:1 conversion between weight and CBD concentration. 

As a bonus, CBD isolate powder is flavorless, making it simple to sneak into your favorite CBD infusions. 

What About Dosing Delta 8 Gummies?

Please don’t use your average CBD dosage for Delta 8 THC gummies. Although both CBD and delta 8 come from the hemp plant, they are wildly different compounds. Most significantly, CBD is non-intoxicating, whereas delta 8 is psychoactive.

You should always take less delta 8 THC than you would a comparable CBD product. It doesn’t take as much delta 8 to have a powerful effect on a person’s ECS. Unlike CBD, delta 8 molecules land directly on the brain’s CB1 receptors, which means they can induce noticeable effects in low to moderate doses. 

Take Your Time Measuring Your CBD Treats!

Of the many hemp derivatives available online, CBD gummies are often the most attractive to new customers. A key reason people start out with gummies is they have subtler effects. 

Since our bodies don’t absorb 100 percent of the CBD in edibles, they’re more forgiving to dose than tinctures or hemp flowers. While it may take time to find how many CBD gummies work for you, there’s less chance of side effects along the way. Just be sure to slowly work your way up to avoid significant adverse reactions. 

If you’d like to learn more about CBD or delta 8 gummies, please feel free to browse CBD Hemp Direct’s edibles catalog. We offer a fantastic assortment of fruit-flavored gummies made with the finest American-grown hemp. Whether you’re ordering for fun or business, we’d be happy to supply you with the highest-quality CBD hemp edibles

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