How to Take CBD Oil – Dosage, Timing, & More


When CBD first hit the health food market, nobody knew what to do with this cannabinoid. And, to be perfectly honest, we’re all still learning how to take CBD oil. However, as the hemp market expands, more people are sharing their techniques for getting the max benefits out of their favorite CBD tinctures.

How you choose to use CBD could have a massive impact on its effectiveness. While there isn’t a “proper” way to take CBD oil, it’s easier nowadays for customers to determine how to use this supplement for their health situation. 


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What’s The Best Way To Take CBD Oil? 

Truthfully, you don’t need a fancy technique to take CBD oil. If you want, you could swallow a pre-measured dose of CBD and chase it with some juice. However, many CBD fans claim you could get more from this product if you use a specific method.

In terms of absorption, it’s best to take CBD oil sublingually. Don’t let that technical term spook you; “sublingual” simply means “under the tongue.” So, when people talk about using the “sublingual method,” they’re talking about holding CBD oil under their tongue for 15 – 35 seconds before swallowing.

The reason people use this method is due to the remarkable mucous membranes under the tongue. These sublingual glands can absorb supplements directly into the bloodstream. 

So, if you’re primarily concerned with feeling CBD’s full potency, then you should concentrate on the sublingual method.


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When’s The Best Time To Take CBD?

Just as there’s no ideal way to take CBD oil, there isn’t an optimal time to take this supplement. Some people take CBD in the morning for a “focus boost,” while others take CBD just before bed. 

Figuring out when to take CBD will depend on three crucial factors:

  • Dosage.
  • Your CBD tolerance.
  • Your product’s intended uses. 

Most customers claim the more CBD you take, the more likely you’ll feel sleepy. So, people who would like to use CBD to boost their focus and productivity may want to experiment with microdosing. Generally, the less CBD you’ll take, the better chance it will provide a subtle “uplifting” experience rather than deep relaxation.

Related to CBD dosage, customers need to consider their CBD threshold. Everyone metabolizes CBD at different rates, which means CBD won’t affect every customer in the same way. 

For some people, a little bit of CBD is enough to feel sleepy. On the opposite extreme, some people need high doses of CBD to experience a slight reduction in anxiety. Figuring out the best time for CBD will depend on how your body reacts to this cannabinoid.

Lastly, you have to consider whether your CBD product has a specific use case. For instance, patients should only use melatonin-infused CBD oils before bed. You may also find energizing CBD oils that come with uplifting herbs or vitamins. Please double-check your product’s intended uses and secondary ingredients before deciding when to take it.


Should You Take CBD On An Empty Stomach?

Scientists are still learning the intricacies of CBD absorption, but preliminary data suggests it’s better to take CBD oil with food. According to a trial from the University of Minnesota, people who took CBD oil with a high-fat meal absorbed more of this cannabinoid versus those who took CBD on an empty stomach. 

Of course, we’ll need more trials to confirm UNM’s findings. However, as this data suggests, it’s probably better to take your CBD with a burger!

How Much CBD Oil Is Enough? 

Although everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), that doesn’t mean we all absorb CBD at the same rate. Figuring out how much CBD oil is right for you will depend on how your body reacts to this product. 

On the positive side, it’s unlikely anyone will overdose on CBD oil. In fact, recent reports suggest you’d need to take 20,000 mg of CBD to experience toxic side effects. 

However, this doesn’t give customers an excuse to down an entire bottle of CBD oil. If you take too much CBD oil, you could suffer side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, or migraines. Some people who’ve taken too much CBD have been rushed to the emergency room with severe dehydration. 

To avoid these adverse reactions, please start with the lowest recommended dose of CBD oil. If you’re not getting the results you want, increase the total amount by about 10 mg on the next day. Keep increasing this dose until you feel CBD’s full effects

For the best results, you should keep a CBD dosage journal. Every day, write down when you took your CBD oil and the exact milligram count. Later in the day, you could record how this CBD made you feel. Keep using this journal for a few months, or until you discover your ideal CBD dosage. 

Cooking With CBD

Could You Mix CBD Oil Into Edibles? 

It’s common for customers to mix CBD oil into edibles and infusions. For instance, many people enjoy adding CBD oil to brownies, butter, and cookies. You could also easily mix CBD oil into salad dressings or cooking oils. 

Interestingly, there’s a growing community of coffee lovers who now add CBD to their daily cup of java. People who use this strategy claim CBD’s anti-anxiety properties tame caffeine’s effects. So, anyone who’s prone to “jitters” after a cup of coffee may not experience these stressful side effects with CBD.

There are dozens of fun ways people could add CBD to edibles and drinks. Just remember that edibles won’t work as fast as taking CBD oil sublingually. Since edibles have to go through your digestive tract, it can take about 30 minutes before they get absorbed into your bloodstream, depending on how you dose the edible

Is It OK To Use CBD Oils Topically? 

Usually, people don’t use CBD oil directly on their skin. Instead, they’ll mix their CBD oil with skin-safe creams before using them as a topical. Most of the DIY topical recipes online mix CBD oil with either coconut oil or shea butter.

However, since CBD seems to be safe on the skin, you probably won’t experience adverse reactions if you use it as a topical. Just consider adding your CBD oil to your favorite lotions for a more convenient “spreadable” experience. 

However You Take Your Hemp, You’ll Find It On CBD Hemp Direct!

There’s a lot of dispute over how to take CBD oil, but only you can decide what’s best for your body. Please expect a bit of trial and error when first experimenting with this cannabinoid. As long as you keep good notes about your daily CBD dosage and delivery method, it shouldn’t take too long to discover your tolerance level.

Don’t forget CBD Hemp Direct offers multiple award winning hemp CBD products in a wide range of potencies. Take all the time you need to scan our list of CBD goodies to find the ideal product for your preferences. 

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