CBD Shopping: Explanations Of Common Hemp Terms

New CBD shoppers will soon discover that the retail hemp and cannabis industry uses a lot of unique terms. Familiarity with the terms and products of the industry makes shopping much simpler and can enable consumers to discuss their needs more easily with staff to refine their order perfectly.

If you understand these terms, you can better ensure you get what you need when you order CBD.

Flower, Buds, and Nugs

The flower, bud, or nug is the smokable part of the plant. A nug is typically a smaller chunk of the flower or bud, and the term generally means the product is high-quality. A kief nug is a traditional nug dusted with kief powder for more potency. Loose flower means the package will not include any leaves, stems, or seeds.

Users can use the flower or nugs to make their edibles or even to brew their own custom CBD tea. Many users prefer flowers and nugs when they want to consume the product by smoking.

Kief, Hash, and Concentrates

People that choose kief want a concentrated form of CBD. The product is the powdery material collected during the removal of the resin glands (trichomes) from the leaf. Kief is dry sifted and the texture and color resemble pollen. Consumers can create their kief at home with a grinder or buy it already prepared.

Compressed kief becomes blocks known as CBD hash that is either smoked, vaped, or used as an ingredient in an edible. Many people prefer to sprinkle kief over their buds in a bowl or add the powder to a joint.

Concentrates are extracts that come in multiple thicknesses from a sticky honey-like texture to a heavy wax or crumbly clump. Concentrates can sometimes mix with food or drink, or people can use them to vape. Another use for a concentrate, based on its consistency, is as an additive to lip balm, skin cream, and other health and beauty products.

Blunts, Joints, and Edibles

A homemade blunt typically comes from a hollowed-out commercially manufactured cigar. The smoker removes the tobacco from the wrapper and fills it with cannabis. Purchased blunts use tobacco leaf wrappers like cigars, but the leaves are often specifically flavored for this use. The benefit of commercially prepared blunts is the smooth pre-packed tube. 

Joints use a lighter-weight paper for the outer wrapping rather than a leaf and are typically shorter and thinner than blunts. A CBD kief joint is a concentrated form of a joint that holds CBD powder rather than bud.

Edibles have CBD infused into some type of snack item or beverage. Many people prefer sweets like cookies, gummies, or lollipops for their edibles.

Pipes, Grinders, and Vaporizers

Vaporizers enable people to consume concentrate and flower. Bongs and bowls are pipes with similar uses but a different appearance. Bongs are larger than bowls and hold water that filters the smoke before inhalation. Bowls typically do not have a filter, but there are screens available to prevent inhalation of the plant pieces. Dab rigs look like bongs and are used for smoking concentrates.

Grinders break up the flower to make it easier to use. You can break up the material by hand, but many people prefer the finer consistency produced by a grinder. A grinder also makes it much easier to incorporate the stems.

CBD is a non-psychoactive form of cannabis, but the industry uses the same terms. The idea of blunts, grinders, and concentrates can make health-conscious users feel uncomfortable. At CBD Hemp Direct, we have a safe and certified legal product derived only from hemp. Visit our website to learn more about the testing and certification process and to see our inventory.