Could CBD Be Used as a Hair Loss Treatment?

Now that CBD (a hemp-based oil) is easily accessible throughout the United States, many organizations have begun exploring its various uses. One particularly popular method of using CBD has emerged: hair care. People can desire hair growth and repair for many different reasons: hair can break off, fall out, or fail to grow entirely. CBD treatments have been developed with all of these issues in mind.

CBD Contains 21 Amino Acids, Which Enhance Hair Strength

Amino acids are organic compounds that improve protein development, wound healing, and more. Amino acids are the essential building blocks to healthy hair, and can consequently be used to develop stronger, healthier hair. When rubbed on the scalp, CBD oil can deliver amino acids to where they are most needed. When rubbed through the hair, CBD can be used to strengthen existing locks.

CBD Is High in Antioxidants, Which Can Reduce Hair Damage

Antioxidants are often found in healthy foods. They are designed to defend against cellular damage. Your body and your hair are constantly suffering from an onslaught of free radicals. These free radicals can be neutralized through the presence of antioxidants; the more antioxidants, the better.

By adding antioxidants into your existing hair, you can reduce the damage to your hair. If you suffer from dry hair or split ends, this can help. 

CBD Has Essential Fatty Acids, Which Prevents Moisture Loss

Essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 moisturize your hair directly. CBD has a number of essential fatty acids, which will improve upon the resilience of your hair, reducing dryness and breakage. Many people believe their hair is thinning when it's really breaking or splitting. 

You can check this by looking at a strand of your hair from your brush. If it is entirely smooth from end to end, or has a single frayed end, it likely broke off. If it has a light bulb shape on one end, it fell out. The light bulb shape is where the hair disengaged from the follicle.

CBD Improves Blood Circulation, Which Increases Hair Regrowth

So far, we've discussed how CBD can help you grow stronger, healthier hair. But CBD can also improve blood circulation, which in turn will also increase hair regrowth. If your hair is falling out from the follicle rather than breaking off, the best way to fight this is usually by regrowing hair.

Traditional methods of regrowing hair include harsh chemicals, some of which cause additional hair to fall out before the regrowth begins. CBD enters into the blood through the scalp and then promotes healthier follicles, which will promote thicker and more plentiful hair overall. 

CBD Has Nutrients Such as Calcium, Which Improves Scalp Health

Calcium, phosphorous, and other necessary nutrients are also included in CBD oil. All of these nutrients improve upon scalp health. One reason people may experience things such as alopecia is that they may be deficient on vitamins and nutrients. CBD can help address these deficiencies.

Better scalp health may lead to healthier hair, more retained hair, and faster hair growth, altogether. Further, the simple act of massaging oil into your scalp may also stimulate regrowth and blood circulation, thereby making it both mechanically and chemically useful. 

You can find many ways that CBD can be used to improve both scalp and hair health, and these methods may be used for multiple types of hair loss. Only a healthcare professional can tell someone how to deal with a health-related issue. However, those suffering from natural hair loss (such as male pattern baldness or alopecia), or hair breakage and thinning, may find CBD products useful.

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