SALE ALERT: $0.50 Grams of Sour Patch CBD Flower Small Buds!


We’re blowing out all remaining inventory of SOUR PATCH CBD FLOWER SMALL BUDS at $0.50 PER GRAM while supplies lasts.  Yes, you read that correctly; 20 grams of CBD flower for $10.  Considered a total value buy at an unbeatable price, this product is ideal for anyone on a budget looking for low to mid grade hemp.  Can also be used for pre-roll material, extraction or infusion.

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Hope everyone had a fantastic St Patrick’s Day! We’re going to close out the month with another bundle of deals and drops!

The Art of Storing THCa Flower

THCa flower, with its burgeoning popularity among new cannabis enthusiasts, demands careful attention not only in cultivation but also in its storage.

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