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Buy lab-tested, organic CBD Flower Online from CBD Hemp Direct! Enjoy a safe smoke of CBD Flower or infuse your own CBD hemp flower recipes.

Shop CBD flower now and get access to a variety of hemp flowers in bulk and pre-packaged quantities. We offer greenhouse grown CBD Flower along with lower cost outdoor hemp flower that’s great for value conscious customers that are still looking for quality.

Quality Hemp Flower at Affordable Prices

At CBD Hemp Direct, we offer non-GMO organically grown CBD and Hemp Flower products that are third party lab tested for additives and to meet the legal THC content requirements (less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC levels).

We offer greenhouse grown hemp bud, as well as budget friendly outdoor hemp flower! Whether you are looking for a premium smoking experience, or are more budget-minded and looking to stock up on your favorite hemp strains; we have just the right options for you. Enjoy a safe smoke of some CBD Flower with one of our CBD Pre-Rolls, or infuse your own CBD hemp flower recipes.

Want a quick crash course on hemp flower? Check out our breakdown below for tips on strains, using hemp, and more!

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      1. Hemp Flower vs THC Rich Flower
    2. What is your most popular CBD flower?
    3. Is CBD Flower Legal?
    4. Can I get CBD Flower in the mail?

Hemp Flower Strains

Not sure what kind of hemp flower smoking experience you’re looking for? No worries – We’ve got a breakdown of some popular strains to look out for while navigating the jampacked world of hemp flower strains! More strains are created each day, however below is a compiled list of some great starter strains.

Recommended Strains

Whether you’re new, or just looking for new flavors for your senses, these are great strains everyone should give a try.

Bubba Kush

A classic strain from the early days of cannabis. A popular hemp varietal, thanks to the advanced breeding techniques available, Bubba Kush hemp flower is up there at the top of the list when it comes to CBD Flower strains to try.

Aroma is sweet and skunky, with relaxing indica effects that come from the kush genetics. Bud structure is dense and sticky. A great first choice!

Sour Lifter

Next up is Sour Lifter. A classic here at CBD Hemp Direct, Sour Lifter is a hemp varietal that’s great for daytime use.

Aroma is super dank and gassy, with hints of citrus. Effects are uplifting and will get you ready to tackle the day. Definitely a daytime smoke.

Paradise OG

One of the best strains offered here at CBD Hemp Direct! Currently available in it’s second season’s harvest. This strain is the strain that we won the 2020 Hemp Cup for!

Paradise OG is a great choice due to it’s relaxing indica effects. It has a super dank and earthy aroma, making it an enjoyable smoke for sure.

Sour Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is known for it’s tangy citrus aroma. When crossed with Sour Lifter, you end up with a super pungent hybrid called Sour Hawaiian Haze. This strain is a great beginner strain because its flavor and aroma pack a punch, and its effects aren’t lacking.

Aroma is floral and citrus, with very relaxing effects that are great for relaxing after a long day.

Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid Hemp Flower

This is a question that we get asked fairly often. For those new to experiencing the benefits of CBD Flower, these are baseline ways to understand what therapeutic effects can be expected when looking at the strains terpene profile.

For example, our Paradise OG #2 has strong amounts of Linalool, which is known for it’s relaxing effects when consumed. You will find that our hemp flower strains are more discernable as far as qualities & effects go when compared to traditional marijuana. With the lack of Delta-9 THC in our strains, we are able to look more closely at the true effects that will come from terpene rich hemp flowers, in comparison to looking at pure THC to CBD ratio and slapping a label on it.

Although there’s a lot of factors that come into what determines a sativa vs indica hemp flower, below you will find a breakdown comparing the effects and properties of each individual strain type.


Sativa hemp flowers are known for being uplifting. Strains can fall in a variety of sub-categories that can bring a few different effects. They can make you feel energetic, add a boost of creativity and focus, or even allow you to just feel more euphoric in general. Terpenes will usually be range from being heavy in Limonene, Pinene, and/or a mix of others that bring similar effects.


Indica hemp flowers are known for being more relaxing and sedative. Frequently used for pain relief, or even just relaxing after a long day. These hemp flowers will usually be more saturated in either Myrcene, Beta-caryophyllene, and/or a mix of other related terpenes that are more relaxation oriented.


The easiest way to describe hybrid hemp flowers is that they are usually a hybrid, or a mix, of both sativa and indica leaning effects. This can include strains like our Hemp World Haze, which is a Sativa dominant hybrid. Due to its combination of Linalool and Caryophyllene, it’s said to be great for stress relief as it can help you relax while staying alert.

What is High THCa CBD Flower?

One quick browse on youtube or reddit, and you’ll quickly get lost in a sea of content surrounding boutique top shelf CBD flowers from small farms across the US. As mentioned previously, we’re seeing more growers step up to the plate and bring their A game to the hemp industry.

Aside from seeing more top shelf flower on the market than before, we’re also seeing the inception of a new type of hemp flower – High THCa Flower.

High THCa flower is essentially THC rich flower labeled as hemp flower, but utilizing the fact that the THC is in it’s acidic form, aka THCa.

Currently, there’s a lack of clarity in current legislation surrounding THCa flower laws. This has resulted in a number of different vendors not fully complying with total THC testing rules. However, this is expected to be addressed in the coming Farm Bill.

What are the different Chemotypes of CBD Flower?

With all the concepts of what defines hemp flower out of the way, here’s a basic breakdown of the common labels used to differentiate their chemotypes when it comes to cannabinoid profiles, as referenced in an article by the American Society for Horticultural Science.

  • Type I Flower
      • Over 0.5% THC / Under 0.5% CBD
      • Known as traditional THC Rich cannabis that is heavily regulated.
  • Type II Flower
      • Over 0.3% THC / Over 0.5% CBD
      • More of a therapeutic cannabis flower, but still regulated due to the THC levels being over 0.3%.
  • Type III Flower
      • Under 0.3% THC / Over 0.5% CBD
      • Your everyday hemp flower! These are the buds you can buy from CBD Hemp Direct and legally enjoy at home.
  • Type IV Flower
      • CBG dominant flower, minor amounts of CBD and THC.

How to Enjoy Hemp Flower

When it comes to enjoying hemp flower, there’s a lot to know. Below we’ll cover things like common reasons it’s used, and how to get started when you get your first batch!

What is CBD Flower good for?

A common question that we get asked, especially by those who live in locations with easily accessible THC-rich flower, is why to even use hemp flower. Although there are a variety of reasons, the popularity in CBD flower boils down to the wide variety in flavor and aroma that stems from grow quality, strain, and terpenes associated with them, as well as the fast acting therapeutic effects that can be brought from simply smoking a CBD joint or a CBD blunt.

An Expansive Array of Flavors and Smells

Adjacent to the world of wine tasting, hemp flower comes in an assortment of strains. One of the appeals that comes from the different strains is their unique terpene profile, and overall genetic make-up. When in the hands of the right growing team, you’ll find that different strains encompass their own individual unmistakable taste and smell.

As growing techniques and breeding becomes more advanced, we’ve been seeing more ground breaking strains hit the market. Such is so, that many traditional cannabis enthusiasts are unable to tell the difference (until smoked!) between a quality hemp bud and thc bud.

Because of this, we’re seeing more people who are enjoying CBD flower as a hobby that allows them to enjoy flavors and smells of regular THC bud, without the psychoactive properties.

A Full Serving of Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids

A large driver of the increase of usage of hemp flower also comes down to the entourage effect. In short, the entourage effect is a term given to the experience that comes from different cannabinoids interacting with each other to create an entirely unique effect.

The reason that hemp buds are a popular choice for those who enjoy the entourage effect is due to the fact that outside of harvesting the flower and curing it, hemp flower is one of the least refined and processed forms of hemp that are available on the market.

This means that alongside the CBD, you’ll also get a moderate intake of CBG, CBN, THCA, and other common cannabinoids found in hemp, depending on the strain you’re consuming – creating the ideal entourage effect.

Getting Started

For those new to hemp flower, some may find it intimidating at first. With some commonalities between CBD flower and THC flower, it can be tough to digest the fact that you can buy it online, and even smoke it without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC rich flower.

If you’re new, the simplest way to start would be to smoke a bit out of a pipe or an herbal vaporizer. This will allow you to gauge your response to it in small increments. Once familiar with how it makes you feel, then you’re ready to transition to options such as joints or blunts.

Using CBD Flower in Edibles

A different way that people utilize hemp flower is via infusion into edibles. This is commonly done by decarbing cbd flower, which will make the cannabinoids effective through ingestion. Once decarbed, many people will extract the cannabinoids from the flower and add them to common ingredients such as butter for cooking.


What is CBD Flower?

A common misconception is that CBD, and even industrial hemp are exclusively from male cannabis plants. In reality, hemp is a blanket term given to the variety of cannabis plants that are grown to be low in THC content, but high in CBD content. As the industry began to boom, more professional cannabis growers begun to focus more on specific CBD or CBG rich genetics.

CBD Flower is dried and cured bud that has been harvested from a female hemp plant. This is in contrast to the male hemp plant, which bares seeds and no flower, but is sought after for strong fibers that are ideal industrial use.

When it comes to legality of CBD flower, the percentage of THC is to be .3% or less and accounted for via testing from third party labs.

CBD Flower vs THC Flower

This is opposed to the more common cannabis flower you will find sold at marijuana dispensaries in states where marijuana is legalized.

The flowers and buds sold in these for are usually grown from cannabis with a focus of having high delta-9 THC levels which is known for the “high” that is commonly associated with marijuana. An option that more people are transitioning to that can bring similar effects is Delta 8 Flower.

Learn more and view our Delta-8 THC Products.  The main takeaway is that CBD flower has little to no delta-9 THC. This is in contrast to marijuana, which depending on the strain, is grown with care to motivate high delta-9 THC percentages in the flower. This makes CBD Flower and other products great options for those looking to take advantage of the more relaxing and soothing effects associated with CBD, without the common psychoactive effects that come from the delta-9 THC usually found in marijuana.

What is your most popular CBD Flower?

There are so many flower buds we offer when it comes to our hemp products, but what really put CBD Hemp Direct on the map was our Honolulu Haze CBD Flower that’s tested over 22% since we debuted it back in 2018.

Hemp derived products are federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.! As long as the total THC testing level is below 0.3%,

Can I get CBD Flower in the Mail?

Yep! Being federally legal, all compliant hemp products are legally allowed to be shipped and received by the USPS.

Wholesale and Bulk CBD Products Available

At CBD Hemp Direct, we understand that finding reputable CBD product suppliers can be difficult. If you’re a CBD product distributor looking for new options to provide to your customers, feel free visit our wholesale website.
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