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Buy organic grown CBD-rich products like CBD flower, small buds, joints, kief, hash, moon rocks, tinctures and trim from CBD Hemp Direct!  Our licensed industrial hemp farm offers the largest variety of lab tested Industrial Hemp products that are high in CBD and low in THC.  Depending on the product you are looking for, some of our CBD products are THC-Free, meaning there is ZERO THC, the cannabinoid that makes you feel high.

Try Our Hemp Cup Winning CBD Joints And Other Hemp Smokeables!

Don’t take our word for it… CBD Hemp Direct is a three time High Times Hemp Cup winner for best cbd pre-roll.  In 2020, we took 1st place for our Paradise OG CBD Kief Joint and in 2021 we placed 2nd for our Honolulu Haze CBD Kief Blunt.  Speaking of Honolulu Haze, did you know CBD Hemp Direct was the first company to sell Honolulu Haze in 2018?  Since then, we’ve grown this Hawaiian Haze varietal under a climate controlled environment with test results usually in the 20-24% CBD range.  Recently, we’ve crossed genetics to produce our own Hemp World Haze varietal, which was our highest testing CBD flower ever at 27.1% CBD.

Moon Rocks, Kief, Hash and Other Hard To Find CBD Products.

We don’t just sell bump of the road CBD products like other vendors.  CBD Hemp Direct is actually known for its wide selection of unique hemp products like CBD moon rocks, CBD Kief, CBD hash or our very own CBD Kief Nugs.  Part of what has kept us relevant over all these years is the fact that we invest a lot of time and energy into identifying the next product trend and rolling out a complete product line.

Even non CBD smokers love us!

Although we are widely regarded as the original CBD flower company, CBD Hemp Direct has evolved its brand over the years to carry many high quality non-smokeable products like tinctures, CBD Gummies, and topicals.  While smoking CBD is very effective in providing a cheap, quick effect, incorporating CBD into your daily health regimen through ingestion is a great way to experience it as well.


CBD Product Guide for Beginners


CBD has grown tremendously over the years. With such a wide range of benefits and products available, the amount of options that are available to choose from is nearly endless. That said, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to figure out where to start. Without proper guidance, your first experience with CBD and other hemp based products can leave you underwhelmed, or even confused. Once you understand the type of CBD effects you’re looking for, the next step is to choose your medium and a baseline dosage that will get you there.

For that reason, we feel like we should take our shot at providing some more insight in the some of the best ways to try CBD as a beginner. Let’s dive into some of the key things to consider when looking at each product from a beginners standpoint.

Common Types of CBD Products

As you’re probably well aware, CBD comes in many forms today. Long gone are the days of CBD Tinctures being the main product people would purchase. Depending on your style and use case, there’s a plethora of options available. You have options such as CBD Gummies, CBD Flower, and even water soluble CBD powder. As you can imagine, these all have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to how they’re consumed. Below is a brief breakdown of the most common types of CBD products around, and some brief points of consideration for those who are new to the world of hemp.

CBD Edibles

Hemp based edibles such as gummies, chocolates, and a variety of others each share a unique set of features that make them an appealing option for many people. 

To start, edibles are a mobile alternative that are easy to take on the go. In comparison to a quick smoke of some CBD flower, you’re able to use them on the go and be confident that the effects will last the entire day. This is especially helpful when you’re in a social setting or you’re on the go at work. In those situations, lighting up a CBD joint might not be the best option.

CBD edibles also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, you can go for the bite-sized gummies, or you can go for a larger sized piece of chocolate. The real benefit here is that with edibles, you’re often working with equally sized pre-dosed portions that are tangible. On the flip side, there’s no true standard of how companies will dose their CBD into their product, so if you’re looking for a standard use case scenario where you’re looking to try CBD, we would suggest following the retailers suggested dosage.

If you’re looking to get experimental with it, we would suggest reading our article that discusses dosing cbd edibles more in depth, as they are a totally different beast with different use-case scenarios.

CBD Oils & Tinctures

The next popular option we’ve seen new hemp enthusiasts gravitate towards falls under the category of CBD Oils & Tinctures. Now, make no mistake – These are not the same thing. We’ve seen numerous companies use the word interchangeably, yet there is an actual difference between the two. Without getting too in-depth, a key distinguishing factor is the manufacturing process, which you can read more about in our CBD Tincture information section.

As far as dosage and effects go, between the two they’re actually fairly close to how CBD edibles should be approached;

Similarly, we’ve seen that each manufacturing process is different, and each retailer will curate their own mix with their own CBD potency. 

Now, just like CBD edibles, if you’re looking to start slow, we would recommend starting small, just as you would with anything else you want to try. Start with the recommended dose (or smaller depending on potency levels), and go from there.

The benefit to tinctures and oils are the fact that they are sublingually ingested, resulting in quick acting effects without the hassle of having to light up a joint or charge a vape pen. If this is your preferred route, check out our article to learn more about maximizing the use of CBD oils and tinctures.

CBD Flower & Pre-Rolls

With the complicated stuff out of the way, now we can discuss some more practical stuff to give insight on when it comes to using CBD for beginners!

In comparison to Edibles and Tinctures, CBD flower and pre-rolls offer a more consistent experience. Unlike edibles and tinctures, which are known to have a wide range of potency levels based on the manufacturing process, this is the cleanest option around for consumers looking to try CBD. When smoking or vaping CBD flower, you’re getting the next closest thing to pure natural unprocessed hemp there is. Some people also say a big positive is that it’s quicker acting in comparison, with effects being noticed within minutes and lasting a few hours.

What this means is that in comparison to trying to cross analyze body weight to CBD portions, it will be more broad. You’ll find that strains are typically listed by CBD percentage when referring to potency. Usually it will refer to how much CBD you can expect to consume per gram of hemp flower. As expected, this can vary between strains, but is usually around 10% on the low end, to 25% on the high end. 

But wait, there’s more!

One thing that makes hemp flower a great choice for those looking to dip into the world of CBD is the fact that it also includes a variety of terpenes. These are compounds like limonene and humulene. These compounds are known for contributing to the sativa and indica leaning effects that certain hemp flower strains are known for.

There are also types of CBD edibles and tinctures that include these as well as other cannabinoids, called full spectrum products, which vary drastically from broad spectrum hemp products.

When trying CBD Flower as a beginner, you need to consider how much CBD is in each portion of flower, and what kind of terpenes you’re looking for. When you’re looking to start off slow, we would suggest sticking with a half joint of lower CBD content (around 10% CBD) and going from there. This is one of the more feasible ways to try it out, due to the fact it’s more concentrated and effects are fast acting. This allows you to truly gauge potency and how the CBD affects you in real time.

Moon rocks, Extracts, and Infused Hemp Flower

In terms of potency, these are the most concentrated forms of CBD you can find. As a beginner, we would recommend familiarizing yourself with how you react to CBD first ahead of trying these out. Although non-psychoactive, too much CBD does have the potential to be overwhelming due to it’s sedative effects!

CBD Hemp Direct is a one-stop hemp shop.

Rest assured, we got something for everyone.  Our prices are unbeatable, our shipping is lightning fast, and our customer service is top-notch.  The team at CBD Hemp Direct appreciates you giving us the opportunity to earn your business, and we look forward to fulfilling your order soon.

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