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Delta 10 THC Products

Delta 10 THC is now on sale at CBD Hemp Direct!  With similar potency as Delta 8 THCDelta 10 THC is known to produce more sativa leaning psychoactive effects.  Many users of Delta 10 THC describe it as a “heady high” and great mood booster.  CBD Hemp Direct carries a wide variety of smokeable Delta 10 THC products like pre-packaged flower, small buds, trim, blunts and joints.  Customers looking for the most potent product should consider our Tangie or Girl Scout Cookies Delta 10 THC Moon Rocks.

Delta-10 THC FAQ

How is Delta-10 Different from CBD?

Similarly to Delta-8, a high majority of Delta-10 THC Products come from hemp-derived CBD. In accordance with the 2018 Farm bill, most manufacturers and retailers will extract CBD molecules from hemp and synthesize them into delta-10. Since CBD and THC both are derived from CBG (known as the parent-cannabinoid), they have fairly similar structures.

Although similar, the concept of them being the same is actually pretty far from the truth. Even though they are close in some ways, Delta-10 THC isn’t even close to being identical to CBD. The key difference that can put it into perspective, is that CBD is non-psychoactive while Delta-10, however, can land on cannabinoid receptors and provoke a psychoactive response.

Even if you are a CBD connoisseur, trying a delta-10 product will induce effects that are entirely different. If you are new to Delta-10, we would recommend starting with a light dose, either of flower or edibles, and gradually increase dosage as you see fit.

Delta-10 Effects

The scientific research on Delta-10 and its effects are limited, but there are two key things that have been reported by users consistently in forums and product reviews. The first is said to be that, like other alternative cannabinoids, Delta-10 isn’t quite as strong as Delta-9 THC. Delta-10 THC does have psycho-active effects, but it doesn’t appear to match those of its illegal counterpart.

Next, many users have reported that of strain types, it is very close to what you would expect out of Sativa strains. You’ll most likely experience a head buzz, along with typical sativa effects such as laughter, energy, and overall joyous feelings.

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