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CBD Edibles, Delta-8 Gummies, and More


Hemp Edibles were initially an after thought for CBD Hemp Direct but they have grown to be one of our top selling products.

What makes your CBD Edibles different?

Great question! Depending on the specific edible, CBD Hemp Direct uses bio-available hemp oil that is fast acting and higher in potency. We also dust all of our gummis with a blend of sugar and kief, to really give the edible a unique taste. Some of our most popular edibles, like Honolulu Haze gummi volcanos, are branded with our popular CBD flower where we derive the oil to dose the gummies. 

What Hemp Edibles do you carry?

CBD Hemp Direct offers a variety of Hemp-Based Edibles, ranging from Delta-8 THC Gummies, to CBD Dog Treats. Our more popular ones are usually any of the delta-thc options, and these have slightly intoxicating effects, so we do recommend you take 1/2 of the recommended dose until you build some tolerance.

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