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Hemp Concentrates & Extracts

CBD Hemp Direct is happy to offer some super potent hemp concentrates to enhance your smoking experience. We offer a variety of concentrates, such as kief, hash, vape carts, oil, and more. These come in a variety of cannabinoids, so whether you’re looking for cbd hash or delta 8 dabs, we’ve got all the Hemp concentrates you need for the ultimate smoke.

Hemp Concentrates FAQ – Oil, Dabs, Tinctures, and More

What is a hemp concentrate?

A hemp concentrate is a type of hemp product that is extracted from hemp itself, and curated to contain higher trace amounts of cannabinoids than traditional hemp products. These can range from products you may have heard of like wax, oil, tincture, dabs, and more. There are a variety of methods that focus on extracting and focusing the cannabinoids into these products for higher potency. Similar to Hemp Tincture processing, the method of concentrate processing is usually dependent on the manufacturer. 

A key thing to know if you’re new to the concentrate world, is that typically the type of product will give you insight into the extraction methods. Understanding the extraction method is a great step towards learning what your ideal hemp concentrate product is.

What types of Hemp Concentrates are there?

Regardless of the cannabinoid, there are a variety of extraction methods that are used in the hemp industry. As mentioned, these each have their own pros and cons, and their end results are unique in their own way. Let’s go through the most popular forms of hemp concentrates in a brief list, based on form and cannabinoid.

Best Hemp Extracts – All you need to know

CBD Tinctures & Oils

What are the benefits of Hemp Tinctures?

CBD Tinctures have become a popular choice when it comes to consuming CBD and other cannabinoid extracts, and for two main reasons:

  1. They are taken orally. For those who would like to avoid smoking as their method of taking CBD, this is usually the preferred route of consumption.
  2. In comparison to other CBD products like Edibles , they are taken sublingually, which is just an alternative method of consumption where instead of ingesting it through your stomach, it is administered via a dropper under your tongue. The benefits of sublingual consumption are that in comparison to other oral consumption methods, the extracted cannabinoids are absorbed in a more timely fashion, allowing you to feel relief quicker.

Also, because the absorption happens around the cheek area and tongue, this is also a frequent choice for those with digestion problems or other health issues. Again, this is just one of the many ways to consume CBD oil.

What is the difference between CBD Tincture and Hemp Oil?

CBD Oil and Tincture have become interchangeable terms as CBD has become more recognized, causing a lot of confusion. The reality is that although they are similar, there are some key differences between the two forms of extract. The main difference between the two terms is the actual extraction method used to create the final product, what they are mixed with, and how they are used.

Simple explanation

When it comes to CBD (and other cannabinoids) oil products, the process of extraction usually revolves around CO2, whereas with tincture, the process relies on alcohol to extract and create the final product. 

Unfortunately, that’s where the simple explanation stops. In all reality, those who are experienced enough to distill their own hemp oils and tinctures all have their own unique recipes, as it is somewhat of an art.

Due to this, everything else ranging from additives like other essential oils, specific flavors, and types of carrier oils used in cbd oil (mct oil, coconut oil, etc), vary on a case by case basis depending on the oil and tincture manufacturer.

This is why sometimes with oils, they are distilled to be more of a topical solution, or a cooking ingredient, rather than a direct oral solution. Some oils are even processed to be smoked or vaped like its wax counterparts.


Concentrates & Extracts

When it comes to Delta-8 and similar cannabinoids, these terms are frequently tossed around in the extract world. As Delta-8 THC has skyrocketed in popularity this past year, more people are embracing the cannabinoid and finding new ways to use it. Due to it’s appeal for the effects it brings, it’s only natural that it’s concentrate forms will be more leaning towards the recreational usage of the cannabinoid.

This is in contrast to concentrates like tinctures or topical oils that are common in the CBD market. This is due to their effectiveness when it comes to medicinal or therapeutic application.

Hemp Dabs vs Wax vs Oil

Dabs is a term loosely used to describe a couple common forms of concentrate – Usually either a type of wax or oil. 

What is Hemp Wax vs Oil?

Hemp Wax and Oil are among the two most popular types of Hemp Extracts there are when it comes to cranking up the potency of your smoke. These two concentrates (usually in delta-8 THC and similar cannabinoids), are great for smoking and vaping due to their consistency, and concentration of cannabinoids.


The key difference between the two extracts is that waxes (rosin, crumble, shatter, etc) have a consistent range of solid to slightly moldable. This is in contrast to the consistency that oil comes in, which is close to liquid or goop-like.

As far as potency goes, wax usually takes the cake. In its wax forms, you’ll usually have a much more intense experience. Due to the way that oil is usually processed to keep viscosity, depending on the manufacturer, chances are that the oil doesn’t have as high of a concentration of cannabinoids or terpenes as its wax counter part. This is due to additives that are frequently used in the manufacturing process, as mentioned in the previous section, which commonly dilute the potency by a bit.

Again, your experience may vary depending on who you shop with, and what the primary use the oil is designed for.

Hemp Kief and Hash

Kief and Hash are also popular when it comes to the topic of concentrates. These are grass roots concentrated forms of hemp, and are among the most entry level concentrated forms of hemp that are available. The process for creating these two are similar to rosin, in the fact that they are not dependent on complex processes for the concentration.

What is CBD Kief vs CBD Hash?

CBD Kief is commonly referred to as the trichome heads of a CBD Flower bud that have separated from the hemp flower itself. There are a variety of ways to process CBD Flower and extract quality hemp kief, but the most common (and easiest for those looking for a quick potent smoke) is through sifting.

Sifting is the process of using a fine screen (usually silk) to agitate the hemp buds and break off the trichome heads from the flower. Due to how fine the holes in the screen are, as the process continues, kief will be filtered through the screen and begin to compile in a separate layer. This is why in various flower grinders you will notice there can be layers with different sized screens.

As a connoisseur of kief, one thing to keep in mind is that the color can be indicative of the quality of the hemp kief. The lighter the kief, the more concentrated it is.

Another popular concentrated form of hemp is known as hash. CBD Hash is kief that has been heated and pressed to burst the trichome heads. This turns the kief into a clay like substance that is great as a potent topper for bowls.


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