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Hemp Pre-Rolls: Joints, Blunts, Cigars

Lets first start by saying CBD Hemp Direct is a two time High Times Hemp Cup winner for best hemp derived pre-roll.  So rest assured, we know what we’re doing when it comes to making high quality, potent and classy hemp derived joints. We offer all types of pre-rolls you can imagine. We’ve got everything ranging from CBD Joints, Delta-8 Joints, CBG Kief Joints, even to Delta-10 Asteroid Blunts.

Learn more about what makes our hemp pre-rolls the best choice below.

CBD Pre-Rolls

CBD Joints

All of our CBD Pre-Rolled Joints are rolled in quality papers. We offer a variety of options, but our most popular options are our 1 Gram CBD Joints, and these are our top-shelf cbd flower strains rolled in a Raw King Size Cone. These are a popular option among our customers, as they are a great way to get quick relief when medicating with hemp flower.

These papers have a smooth burn without running, and do a great job of revealing the flavor of the cbd flower it’s smoked with.

CBD Blunts

Similar to our CBD Joints, our CBD Blunts come in a variety of options. These also consist of our top-shelf cbd flower strains. One thing that makes our CBD Blunts unique, is the fact that we use organic hemp wraps, that come in a variety of flavors. We offer different types of blunts, some infused with cbg kief, or cbd moon rocks, but our best seller when it comes to CBD blunts is our Paradise OG Blunt.

These are popular for those looking for something a little more potent when it comes to quick relief.

CBD Cigars

Our CBD Pre-Rolled Cigars are similar to our CBD Blunts, but are packed with 3 grams of top shelf CBD Flower instead of 1. These are a great option for an end of the day smoke session. These burn slow, smooth, and are great for relaxing. Recommended for either a group setting, or a long smoke session while gazing at the sunset.

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

Delta 8 Joints

Similar to our other hemp joint options, our Delta 8 Joints come in a variety of options. Delta-8 has grown in popularity, so we have a few more options for fans of this cannabinoid. Similar to our main CBD Joints, our Delta 8 Joints come pre-rolled by our hemp artisans in a Raw King Sized Cone, packed with 1 Gram of Premium Delta 8 bud.

For those who are a little more daring, we also offer Delta-8 Kief Joints that kick the potency up a few notches.

Delta 8 Blunts

Our Delta-8 Blunts are a great choice for those looking for the ideal Delta-8 Flower Strain. These are frequently bought in batches due to the discounts we offer, and are recommended as an option for those looking to try a variety of strains on a budget. The combination of being potent and rolled in a quality hemp wrap makes it a great choice for those wanting a strong smoke on a budget.

These come in different top shelf Delta 8 Strains and are rolled in a terpene infused KING PALM LEAF ROLL.  Just crush the flavor ball near the filter tip for an amazing taste paired with potent D8 FLOWER.

Delta 8 Cigars

Our Delta 8 Cigars are adjacent to our Delta 8 Blunts. These come in a few different strain options, are 3 Grams each, and rolled in an organic Royal Blunts XXL Hemp Wrap.

If you’re a fan of Infused Hemp Flower, a personal recommendation would be to try our Delta 8 Moon Rocks Cigar, which contains 3 grams of CBD Hemp Flower dipped in CBD/Delta 8 oil and rolled in CBD/Delta 8 infused kief.  The Delta 8 Moon Rocks are then ground up and filled in an organic hemp wrap.

CBG Pre-Rolls

CBG Joints

Like our CBD Pre-rolled Joints, our CBG Pre-rolls are popular among those looking for quick relief, and want to enjoy the flavors that our premium CBG Flower come in. These come in both standalone CBG Pre-Rolls, as well as combo CBD + CBG Pre-Roll options. Both come in Raw King Sized Cones filled with your choice of premium Hemp Flower, with Kief dusted options available.

CBG Blunts & Cigars

Our CBG blunts and Cigars are similar to the CBD versions of them that have been discussed. Rolled in the same wraps they come in 3 flavors (Natural, Grape, Strawberry) and come in the legendary Desert Snow CBG Flower strain. Blunts come in 1 Gram options, Cigars come in 3 Gram options.

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