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Infused Hemp Flower Products

Infused Hemp Flower are the most potent CBD, CBG, and Delta flower products you can get your hands on. At CBD Hemp Direct, we offer a variety of super potent infused hemp products ranging from CBD / CBG Moonrocks, Delta-8 Kief Nugs, Delta 8 Moon Rock Blunts, and even Delta-10 Asteroids.

If you’re looking for an extremely potent cbd flower or delta-8 flower smoking experience, this is the perfect place for you.

Learn more about our moon rocks and kief nugs below!

CBD & Delta 8 Moon Rocks FAQ

What do CBD / Delta 8 moon rocks do?

Hemp Moon Rocks are known for being one of the most potent forms of hemp flower you can find.

Similar to Hemp Flower Concentrates, the percentage of cannabinoids is going to be high (much higher) than your typical hemp flower product. Depending on the type of hemp product you get, the effects will be multiple times more potent than a typical smoke of the flower version of it.

What are moon rocks?

In general, moon rocks is a term that’s used for forms of cannabis buds (flower) that have been extensively dipped and rolled in a hash oil type of concentrate, then rolled in kief concentrate.

The end result ends up looking similar to a small moon rock (check out our delta-10 asteroids to see what we mean!), and has a high density due to the combination of hash oil and kief.  If done appropriately, the process of rolling can be repeated to maximize potency.

This can result in a product that is hard to compete with due to it’s form, variability in smoking options, and strength. 

CBD and Delta-8 Moon Rocks are great for those looking for a different smoking experience that lasts longer with more noticeable effects.

What Is Your Process In Creating Moon Rocks?

Although formulations vary between manufacturers, CBD Hemp Direct follows the original Moon Rocks recipe that starts with using only premium flower. Once selected and prepped, these top shelf hemp buds are dipped in hash oil, and then rolled in Kief.  Depending on the type of oil we are working with (CBD vs. Delta 8, Delta 10 or THC-O), we let the buds cure on drying racks in a climate controlled room for 18-48 hours.  We then re-roll the moon rocks in kief to give them a final coating.

One of our more popular products, Delta-10 Asteroids, is formulated with CBD Flower that is rolled in both Delta-8 + Delta 10 oil, and rolled in a combination of CBD + CBG Kief AND CBN Isolate.

Why are CBD / Delta 8 moon rocks stronger?

The moon rock variants of our CBD / CBG and Delta 8 / 10 / THC-O Flower options are much more potent due to the way moon rocks are formed. 

Due to the fact that Moon Rocks are started with a base of Premium Hemp Flower with high potency, the method of infusing is what makes them known as the caviar of the cannabis world.

By “rolling” the buds in two types of concentrates, you’re able to enhance the potency by many times while keeping the form of the product very similar in size to its original flower form.

How do you use CBD / Delta 8 moon rocks?

Our recommendation for people who are new to moon rocks is to take it slow. As mentioned – These things are extremely potent, from the base flower all the way to the concentrate surrounding it.

There’s a variety of ways you can use CBD moon rocks to enhance your smoking experience (which is one of the reasons they’re so great). People smoke them in blunts, kief dusted joints, sprinkle them on bowls, and other ways.

How To Break Down Moon Rocks

The real trick to smoking cbd or delta-8 moon rocks the right way all starts with how you break up the hemp moon rock.

We highly recommend against using a grinder to break down your moon rock. This is a mistake we’ve seen lots of people new to cbd moon rocks make, and rightfully so.

Depending on how you plan to use it, we recommend breaking it down bit by bit with your fingers. Start with small chunks and be watchful of the keif to make sure none gets lost in the process.

Best Way to Smoke Moon Rocks

The easiest way to get started with moon rocks is to add chunks to bowls of CBD or Delta Flower. It’s a great way to make a custom herb mix that you like. We would recommend your typical glass bowl. Water pipe, bong, or regular pipes are all fine. The key part of moon rock smoking is the burn:

You have to burn them slowly due to the mixture of concentrate. To smoke moon rocks effectively, you simply need to bring a light flame (from a hemp wick or regular lighter, we’ve seen success with both) over your cbd or delta 8 bud / moon rock mix, and start with an ignition of the kief at the bowl’s corner. You can start the smoke, let off the flame, and watch the cherry spread through to the hash oil and flower. Now, you’re a CBDHD Certified Astronaut.

What are the benefits of moon rocks?

Moon Rocks are overall just a great product for those looking for something different. It’s great for those looking for something more potent to take advantage of the benefits of their preferred hemp product more efficiently, and it’s also great for those looking to amplify their smoking experience with something unique.

Which Moon Rock Product Is Best For Me?

Depending on the effects your trying to get, Paradise OG CBD Moon Rocks are ideal for CBD only consumers who don’t want to feel high, just very relaxed.  If you are into the Delta 8 and Delta 10 cannabinoids, then our most popular products are Limeade Fuel Delta 8 Moon Rocks and Girl Scout Cookies Delta 10 Moon Rocks.  If you are new to Moon Rocks and just want to give them a try, after many requests CBD Hemp Direct finally rolled out Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks blunts at a fraction of the cost of the packaged flower, which makes it a great entry level option for users to sample.

CBD & Delta 8 Kief Nugs

Before everyone started making them, CBD Hemp Direct was home to the first batch of CBD Kief Nugs produced in 2017. Back then we were only dusting CBD flower like Casino Cookies and Honolulu Haze with CBD Kief.

CBD Hemp Direct’s Kief Nugs Process

Over time, our process improved and now we spray the cbd flower with thc-free cbd distillate and moon rock oil to ensure the kief sticks to the flower.  In addition to our CBD Kief Nugs, CBD Hemp Direct has been producing Delta 8 THC kief nugs similar to our moon rocks.  Delta 8 THC Kief Nugs use cbd flower, Delta 8 THC oil and kief to make a potent Delta 8 THC product.

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