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Joints for Sale

Lets first start by saying CBD Hemp Direct is a three time High Times Hemp Cup winner for best hemp derived pre-roll.  So rest assured, we know what we’re doing when it comes to making high quality, potent and classy hemp derived joints.

CBD Joints FAQ

Why Are CBD Pre-rolls So Popular?

Joints are a cheap, discreet and disposable way for smokers to medicate without committing to a glass bong or pipe.  Without sacrificing quality, CBD Hemp Direct uses premium small buds derived from hemp flower to fill the pre-rolled joints and cones then twists the top paper so no material is lost.  A tip or “crutch” allows for smoke to burn once inhaled.

What Hemp Joints Or Pre-Rolls Do You Offer?

Validation from our industry peers and large customer base has given us all the motivation needed to keep producing new and innovative pre-rolls.

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