Small Buds

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Hemp Flower Small Buds


Our most popular hemp products so far are small buds aka smalls!  Affordable, packed with potency and available in many of our top flower strains.

Hemp Flower Smalls FAQ

What Makes Small Buds So Great?

For starters, you get the most bang for your buck if you aren’t too concerned with the size of the buds.  While it may look appealing to have larger buds, small buds usually have the same potency and are just as flavorful with strong terpene content.  The dense dime-sized appearance of the smalls make them an easy option for smoking in a pipe or grinding and rolling into any joint, blunt or cigar.

Are Smalls As Potent As The Regular Flower?

YES!  That’s because we use the same infusion formula when spraying small buds as we do with the full sized flower.  If anything, our infusion team seems to think we get better spray coverage on the small buds because they are more uniform in size and easier to lay out and coat evenly with our oils.

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