DIY Distillate Syringes (1ml).
DIY Distillate Syringes (1ml).

DIY Distillate Syringes (1ml)

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About Our Distillate Syringe

A new addition to our accessories collection is a 5 pack of pre-assembled distillate syringes. These are great for those who are fans of making their own cannabinoid combo blends.

Distillate Syringe Information

These syringes come pre-assembled with the plug still attached to the tip alongside syringe needles ready to attach when needed for cart filling.

How to Use Distillate Syringes

Tools needed to make carts

1. Distillate

2. Unfilled Vape Cartridge

3. A clean working space with parchment paper or PTFE sheet laid out to work over (working with concentrates is messy! This helps with clean-up/saving lost concentrates)

4. Medium for warming your distillate. Stovetop with pot/water is recommended.

5. 1ml Distillate Syringe

Filling Guide

NOTE: This is assuming you've premixed your distillate with terps and/or other cannabinoids.

1. Prepare your cartridges. Unscrew the tops as required depending on cartridge style.

2. Warm up your distillate. Place your container(s) in a pot of warm water and heat until fairly liquid. Time and temps will vary depending on cannabinoid(s) content.

3. Prepare your syringes. Remove the blunt plug from the tip and screw in your needle tip. Ensure it is fully fastened.

4. Carefully (it will be HOT!) remove the container(s) of distillate from the water and remove the caps. Set them close to the cartridges waiting to be filled to minimize chances of concentrate loss.

5. Insert the syringe needle into the viscous distillate and fill to the required level. Repeat as needed per cannabinoid/syringe.

6. Carefully insert the needle into the empty cap-less cartridge and squeeze your distillate into it. Disperse evenly around the edges. You may need to reheat the distillate using a hairdryer or heat gun during filling due to re-hardening.

7. Once filled to the appropriate amount, set the syringe aside and re-attach your cartridges top.

You're done! Clean up your workstation as necessary and enjoy your new cart.

Shipping & Packaging Information

    Packaging Information

    Distillate syringes are packed in a mylar bag then placed in bubble wrap pouches and inserted into the appropriate mailer, envelope or box.

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