CBD Flower Education

CBD flower has surged in interest and popularity over the years as more users are finding relief in the non-psychoactive but therapeutic cousin of cannabis sativa.  Although CBD flower has a wide range of medical benefits, its true origin and intended use is a hotly debated topic today.

One nation under hemp, CBD flower for all

The earliest evidence of hemp dates back to 10,000 B.C., when hemp was used by the Chinese for rope, sails, food, clothing and building materials.  Hundreds of years later, hemp made its way to America when colonists were required by the British government to cultivate the plant for rope and sails.  Our founding fathers like George Washington grew hemp; Benjamin Franklin utilized hemp paper for his printing plant.  Believe it or not, the Declaration of Independence and first flag was made of hemp.  By 1943, over 350,000 acres of hemp were growing across the country as the federal government encouraged farmers to grow it because World War II had interrupted the flow of industrial fibers.  By 1970, cannabis became Public Enemy #1 with the passage of the controlled substances act that made cultivation illegal.  Hemp was largely forgotten about and most production shifted to other countries.  It wasn’t until 2014 that hemp got a boost with the “Farm Bill,” that allowed state agriculture departments and educational institutions the opportunity to grow hemp.  Pilot programs were launched shortly after with many more states opening up their eyes to the potential of growing hemp, especially cbd flower for extraction.  Currently over 35 states have legalized hemp production, with over half allowing for the cultivation of cbd flower.

CBD flower derived from Industrial Hemp vs. Cannabis

Since hemp and cannabis technically originate from the cannabis sativa plant, the main difference between cbd flower derived from hemp vs. cannabis is the percent of THC in the plant.  If a plant contains less than .3% THC, its considered industrial hemp.  More recently, farmers have taken a big interest in growing cbd-rich industrial hemp so seed breeders are producing varietals of industrial hemp plants that are high in CBD (cannabidiol) and low (below 0.3%) in THC.  Licensed CBD flower companies like CBD Hemp Direct are at the forefront of the budding industry with years of investment into the research and development of producing only the highest quality cbd flower for sale.

Can CBD flower help me?

The simple answer is YES!  CBD flower has taken front and center stage as the part of cannabis that contains all the medicinal properties.  Whether  you are a regular patient seeking more therapeutic effects or a first time user interested in trying a milder form of cannabis, cbd flower might be the right option for you.

What are the benefits of CBD flower?

CBD in general has received much praise for its wonderful healing potential.  If you prefer the act of smoking (cessation), CBD flower will be a great pairing.  Although all reports of CBD’s effects are anecdotal, medical experts do agree that is has a wide range of benefits.  Our best advice is to give cbd flower a try, but start off slow if you are a beginner.  Try out different cbd flower strains from CBD Hemp Direct and make sure to keep a patient journal or logbook that records your effects before and after using cbd hemp flower.  Educating yourself on CBD Hemp Direct’s cbd flower test results is another great way to understand how the potency and terpenes affect you.

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