Wholesale CBD

CBD helps people across the country handle their medical conditions and day-to-day lives. At CBD Hemp Direct, we help you supply your customers with high-quality, lab-tested CBD wholesale products. We’re dedicated to helping wholesalers and resellers like you get your customers the hemp they need to take care of their medical concerns or to use recreationally, depending on your state.

About Our CBD Products

Our CBD products all come from hemp that we grow ourselves on an industrial scale. We’re the original CBD flower company, and we also sell CBD blunts, tinctures, edibles, cigars, and hash. We have the products for you whether your state has fully legalized CBD so you sell recreational products or you only sell medical CBD products.  

We want to give our customers products they can trust, which is why we’re a licensed wholesale CBD company. In fact, our company has licenses for all of the states that we work in so that you can rest assured that your hemp and CBD products are coming from a good source. And because our CBD is lab tested, you can tell your clients with confidence what the products will do and how they work. Check out our test results for more information.

About Our Wholesale Products

At CBD Hemp Direct, we have provided people like you with CBD products since 2018. During that time, we have provided many with excellent wholesale CBD at unbeatable prices. When you become one of our approved CBD wholesalers, you will have access to our newest products, lowest prices, and best resources. This way, we help you get the hemp you need to thrive.

Go here to easily buy our wholesale CBD products. If you have any questions about our products, services, or hemp, call us at 702-630-4959 or send us an email at [email protected].

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