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CBD, CBG and Delta 8 THC Kief Products


Organic Kief is professionally sifted from dry CBD flower or CBG flower with a mesh screen. CBD Hemp Direct pollinates Kief only from our most premium, organic grown hemp flowers that are rich in CBD or CBG.

Hemp Kief FAQ

How Is Your Delta 8 THC Kief?

Similar to pretty much all other Delta 8 THC products, CBD Hemp Direct’s Delta 8 THC infused kief has been extremely popular and selling like hotcakes.  The general feedback we get from customers is that the Delta 8 Kief is great for topping bowls of CBD flower to give it some added effects or even adding to Delta 8 flower to increase the overall D8 potency.

How Should I Consume Kief?

Most common way to use Kief is to smoke it, usually by sprinkling kief on top of a bowl of flower or mixing it into a joint.  Users can also decarboxylate the kief and make edibles or tinctures, however a lot of Kief would be needed for that type of infusion.

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