Moon Rocks

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CBD, CBG, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 10 THC Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks have long been a favorite for regular marijuana users needing the most potent product to smoke.  CBD Hemp Direct offers a variety of Moon Rocks in different strains and cannabinoids.

Hemp Moon Rocks FAQ

Why Do You Carry 14 Different Moon Rocks?

As consumers demand more potent cannabinoids, CBD Hemp Direct has focused its production to meet the needs of users needing the strongest combination of CBD flower, THC oil and kief.

What Is Your Process In Creating Moon Rocks?

Although formulations vary between manufacturers, CBD Hemp Direct follows the original Moon Rocks recipe that starts with using only premium flower. Once selected and prepped, these choice buds are dipped in Hash Oil then rolled in Kief.  Depending on the type of oil we are working with, we let the buds cure on drying racks in a climate controlled room for 18-48 hours.  We then re-roll the moon rocks in kief to give them a final coating.

Which Moon Rock Product Is Best For Me?

Depending on the effects your trying to get, Paradise OG CBD Moon Rocks are ideal for CBD only consumers who don’t want to feel high, just very relaxed.  If you are into the Delta 8 and Delta 10 cannabinoids, then our most popular products are Limeade Fuel Delta 8 Moon Rocks and Girl Scout Cookies Delta 10 Moon Rocks.  If you are new to Moon Rocks and just want to give them a try, after many requests CBD Hemp Direct finally rolled out Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks blunts at a fraction of the cost of the packaged flower, which makes it a great entry level option for users to sample.

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