Bulk THCa Flower – Gelato 41


Alright, folks, let me introduce you to a real crowd-pleaser – Gelato #41!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re in for a treat. This strain is the superstar offspring of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies, both heavyweights in the cannabis world.

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Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Gelato #41 boasts a solid 21.4% THCa, ensuring you’re in for a fantastic ride. But what really sets it apart is the flavor profile – picture the delightful notes of pine, a sprinkle of sugar, a hint of citrus, and just a touch of sour. It’s like a flavor explosion for your senses.

But here’s where Gelato #41 truly shines – its effects. Get ready to feel a wave of happiness and creativity wash over you, like a burst of inspiration. It’s the kind of high that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day or getting those creative juices flowing.

Gelato #41 is like a ticket to a world of good vibes and relaxation. So, if you’re looking for a hard-hitting strain with quick onset and strong effects, this one’s a top pick. Get ready for a journey of happiness and creativity!

NOTE: Product not available in all states, see the complete list below our product section here.


Type:  THCa Rich Hemp Flower
Quantity:  1 Oz, 2 Oz, 1/4 LB

Strain Traits

Potency: 21.4% THCa
Aroma: Pine, Sweet, Citrus, Sour
Effect: Happy, Creative, Relaxing

Third Party Test Results

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Legal Information

While technically THCa isn’t Delta-9 THC, it should be noted that it’s likely to show on a THC focused drug screening.

This is due to the nature of THCa as a cannabinoid. Being a pre-cursor to Delta-9 THC, the combustion causes THCa to decarboxylate – which in turn triggers it to change to Delta-9 THC.

Those who are expecting a drug screening should refrain from smoking THCa flowers as a precautionary measure.

Legal Opinion Letter

Packaging Information

Our THCa Flower is packed in a pharmaceutical grade white mylar bag that is heat sealed for freshness and to omit any odors.  The bag is then placed in bubble wrap pouches and inserted into the appropriate mailer, envelope or box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Want more soon got to me good timing

Very good flower it did take a little bit longer for them to process my order but it was because they had a sale going but it made it in a reasonable time considering a two-day processing your order then three to get to me roughly to North Carolina you know I will be back family at CBD hemp direct.. Thank y'all lot's..

Helps Me Relax & Sleep

I was happy to have a friend recommend CBD Hemp Direct 24 with me, since the prices are substantially lower than other places I have tried ... And since I AM a low income senior citizen, I have very limited funds.

Whoever cured it needs a raise

Great taste, smell, potency and far the best cured budget strain I've ever got. The buds are dense and not too dry or moist and I can definitely taste and smell the difference.
If it's dry and tastes like hay, it was cured the "paper bag method" and was rushed. If it's moist, it's because it's not quite finished and needs a little more time. If it tastes like smoked wood, it was "water cured" btw but this was cured Goldilocks style

Greatness once again

But it could have been better. Mine needed a few more weeks cure amd the moisture was high (less volume of product) but I loved it.

Excellent bud

Really a Great Strain!

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